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Golf Course Operations and
Management Consulting

Inventory Analysis - Tee Sheet Optimization
Time - on your course and in your clubhouse - is your inventory. When it passes, it’s gone forever. Profitability is, in large part, determined by how effectively you manage that inventory. We help you optimize the value in your tee sheet and special event rooms. From determining the optimum tee time interval, when to discount or how to block for shotguns... to when and how to release inventory to an internet booking engine... or educating staff on yield management... this is a major weakness at many courses. We make yield management a strength for our clients.

Group Sales Initiatives
How to identify your core group business prospects and how to aggressively solicit that business... this is an area of great opportunity that is often given inadequate attention. How you position your club is critical. We can show you how to add substantial profitability to your operation with a strategically planned group sales program.

Technology Integration
Technology is a bullet train moving so fast it often seems a blur. Evaluating electronic tee sheets, point-of-sale systems, etc. can be intimidating. You don’t want to be left behind, but how high-tech do you really need to be? We’re knowledgeable about the new technologies and can assist you in clarifying cost/benefits so you can make an informed decision on what’s right for you.

Golf Shop Merchandising
Does your golf shop fit your positioning? Are you carrying the right product lines to fit your market? Are your pricing strategies maximizing your revenue... or is inventory sitting and ending up deeply discounted? Is your cost of sales too high to be profitable? We can help you determine the product mix and pricing structure that will work best for your property and identify efficiencies that can increase profitability. There’s profit in that golf shop. We’ll show you how to find it.

Food and Beverage Consulting
Too many courses look at food and beverage as a loss leader - a service to their golfers. Food and beverage can be a profit center if properly managed. We’ll show you how – from cost of sales analysis to revenue and efficiency optimization, staffing and much more. If you have a banquet business and it’s in constant conflict with the daily fee golf business, we’ll show you how to minimize that conflict so both revenue streams can be optimized.

Daily Golf Operations
How do you staff your operation and provide services on a daily basis to ensure the level of customer satisfaction you need for your price/value equation? Customer expectations are often based on how much they pay. You must meet or exceed their expectations to get them back. Are your operational policies and strategies really tuned to customer expectations? We make sure they are... and identify the efficiencies that make great customer service possible without endangering profitability.

Membership/Loyalty Programs
Customer retention is critical in the golf business. We help you evaluate and develop programs to bring customers back - from membership programs and loyalty incentives to invigorating your customer service to a "WOW" level that makes a lasting impression and inspires referrals.

Instruction and Driving Range Programs

At many courses this is not a profit center, but it can be. We can help you structure programs that enable you and your golf pro to make money. We’ll show you how to identify and market to the strongest prospects, create programs to maximize revenue year-round and, most importantly, develop "programs of transition." These are your future customers. We’ll show you how to convert instruction and driving range customers into players paying you green fees on a regular basis.

Service Excellence Delivery Training
Service excellence brings customers back and inspires invaluable word-of-mouth advertising. You must be better at it than your competitors - no excuses. But how do you get your staff to deliver this high level of service every minute of every day? It begins with establishing uncompromising service standards for every facet of your operations, then equipping each staff member with the tools and motivation to deliver that level of service under all conditions. It’s not easy but it’s critical to continued profitability. We can help.

Human Relations Consulting
Identify management and front-line personnel needs to maximize fit... how to effectively interview for important positions - what questions to ask... how to establish and communicate consistent policies and procedures... how to train and develop skills that enhance customer service and build loyalty... how to mentor and counsel key staff... how to build a "team"…it’s all important and often neglected. We know how to help you build and retain the team you need to ensure profitability.

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