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Golf Course Public Relations
and Publicity Services

America’s premier public relations service for America’s premier golf courses and golf destinations

Golf ProfitBuilders is a joint venture of two of the leading names in golf management, marketing, promotion and strategic planning: RDC Golf Group and O'Keefe Consulting LLC.

Principal, Teddie O'Keefe brings decades of targeted pubilicity strategy to the table. We specialize in public relations services exclusively focused on providing maximum regional, national and international media exposure for golf courses, resorts and destinations. The approach is about developing major media POWER that will drive increased profitability for your property.

What’s the need?
More golf courses and golf destinations competing for attention – always a new course to try. You may not need help to fill weekends during prime season – but what about midweeks and the shoulder seasons? And are greens fees as high as the market will pay? Substantial extra profit is sitting in unused golf if the market wants to play there badly enough – even at a higher fee.

So how do we increase client profitability? Two ways...

  1. Increase the number of rounds…especially in typically unused tee times.
  2. Drive up fees.

O'Keefe's PR program targets to the golfer that will use those midweek and shoulder season tee times. Our prime objective is to drive demand by delivering high-impact major media stories. Golfers want to play the courses they read about. If a course is "hot" they will seek it out…and "hot" means always "in the news." At the same time, strong demand driven by major news coverage enables clients to raise fees. Golfers will pay them if they perceive the course to be a "must-play."

Unequalled access to major golf and travel writers.
The approach focuses on this high-level public relations effort by being a clearinghouse of story ideas, information and photos for the golf and travel writers and editors in the field – the place a writer knows he or she can come for the best ideas.

25 years of public relations experience in a pre-Internet world has translated into manifold benefits for our clients. This high-level national experience has enabled O'Keefe to develop online press sites with hi-res photo galleries that are designed precisely for the rigorous needs of today's busy editors, writers and other news professionals.

"Without timely, interesting story ideas, we wouldn’t have a lot to write about. I get great direction from O'Keefe's materials …"

– Brian McCullen, Former Travel Editor
Resort Golf & Travel,
Formerly of Golf Magazine's
"Top 100 Places To Play"

"With the boom of golf and new courses … we need the heads-up from a source like O'Keefe to keep us informed and aware of progress … up to and beyond the opening."

– Joe Juliano, Sports Editor
 Philadelphia Inquirer

"For a recent resort and golf destination piece, I received some of the best material I’ve seen. It was just what I needed."

– Matt Sullivan, Freelance Golf Writer

"Unlke many PR and marketing firms that know little or nothing about the markets they try to speak to, O'Keefe completely understands the intricacies and nuances of the golf market – because they are a part of it. I rely on them not only to keep me up to date with the clients they represent, but also as a source of insider information for my stories. My frequent inquiries are always met with timely responses and utmost professionalism."

– Craig Better, Editor
 Golfing Magazine – New Jersey

"Teddie O'Keefe has dealt with our publication with professionalism and a clear knowledge of the golf industry and golf destination resorts. The materials are on target for our needs. "

– Christopher P. Wightman, Former Publisher
GOLF Magazine

"Teddie O'Keefe has been trained and certified by our Institute of Crisis Management and I have personally worked with her in the field. Few PR firms have the expertise to handle crisis management challenges as well."

– Larry Smith, President and CEO
Institute for Crisis Management
Louisville, Kentucky

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